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Showing 1-16 of 473 items

  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Ornaments Bride's Tree Collection
    According to tradition, the newlywed couple's Christmas tree should include the following 12 ornaments to ensure a happy life together: Rabbit (hope & faith), Angel (God's guidance in the home), Fish (God's blessing), Santa (unselfishness & goodwill), Pine Cone (motherhood...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Ornaments Wedding Collection
    This delightful Wedding Collection includes six beautiful blown-glass ornaments, each hand-painted & glittered by artisans. Each collection comes packaged in a keepsake box, including a certificate of remembrance to document the wedding day. The set includes: Wedding Bells, Rose Bouquet,...
  • San Francisco Painted Ladies Ornament Old World Christmas
    San Francisco Painted Ladies Ornament.  The Painted Ladies are a must-stop for many tourists. In the 1960s, the colorist movement experimented with bright colors on the facades of Victorian homes. Over the years, the Painted Ladies have come to symbolize...
  • Norman Rockwell You're Home! Ornament Old World Christmas
    Norman Rockwell You're Home! Ornament.  Norman Rockwell was an American painter and illustrator. His works have a broad popular appeal in the United States for their reflection of the country's culture. Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations of...
  • Nashville Ornament Old World Christmas
    Nashville Ornament. Oh, the delights of Music City: home of the Grand Ole Opry & GooGoo candy, as well as Maxwell House Coffee & the Pancake Pantry. There s a life-size replica of the Parthenon, complete with 42' Athena statue....
  • Jersey Shore Ornament Old World Christmas
    Jersey Shore Ornament. The Jersey Shore is famous for its boardwalks, arcades, amusement parks that offer hundreds of rides and attractions, making it a popular vacation spot. Cherish memories made on The Shore with this ornament each year as family...
  • Boston City Ornament Old World Christmas
    Boston City Ornament. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and its largest city. Founded in 1630, Boston is a rich part of early America history that attracts millions of tourists each year. One of Boston’s most popular attractions is Fenway...
  • Chicago Ornament Old World Christmas
    Chicago Ornament.  Millions of people visit America’s windy city each year. The city is not named for its windy weather but for its long-winded politicians of the past. Visitors seek sights such as the Sears Tower, Chicago Theater, Navy Pier,...
  • New Orleans Ornament Old World Christmas
    New Orleans Ornament. New Orleans, referred to as the most unique city in the U.S., was named for the Duke of Orleans. The city was established by French colonists and is still strongly influenced by the culture. Known for the...
  • Washington D.C. Ornament Old World Christmas
    Washington D.C. Ornament. Millions of people visit the United States capitol each year to see the great and historical sights of the nation. Visitors flock to the Washington Monument, the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Building and the Smithsonian Museum....
  • Seattle Skyline Ornament Old World Christmas
    Seattle is a major seaport and the largest city in the Northwestern U.S. This unique glass ornament depicts some of the landmarks of this beautiful city. Most notable are the Space Needle and Monorail from the 1962 World’s Fair, Pike...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Santa's Furry Friends Ornament
    The legend of Santa Claus is derived from the European figure St. Nicholas and American writers who wrote children's poems in the 19th century. Santa Claus became the jolly man clad in red the folk hero all children dream about...
  • Three Wise Men Ornament Old World Christmas
    Three Wise Men Ornament. At Christmas the story is often told of the Three Wise Men, or Magi, who followed a brilliant star to worship and bring the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to a newborn King - the...
  • Alicorn Ornament Old World Christmas
    Alicorn Ornament. Alicorns stand out among unicorns because they have wings and the ability to fly. The alicorn still holds all the healing and magical powers of a unicorn. Legend states alicorns are even more rare than unicorns and can...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Sport Utility Vehicle Ornament
    Roads are made for cars, but a sports utility truck makes roads simply an option for travel. Getting off the beaten path and exploring the great outdoors is a thrill for the adventurer. Driving over rock formations, through mud and...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Postman Santa Ornament
    Children around the world send letters to the North Pole in hopes that Santa will read and grant their wishes. The North Pole is a small community and requires its residents, Santa included, to have many jobs. Santa is the...