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Showing 1–16 of 61 results

Showing 1-16 of 61 items

  • Irish Fiddler Nutcracker By Steinbach
    Irish Fiddler Nutcracker By Steinbach features an Irish fiddler that brings the feeling of the Green Island and its sounds directly into your living room with his musically appealing appearance. He embodies the modern and the traditional in a harmonious folk way....
  • Big Irish Patrick Nutcracker By Steinbach
    Big Irish Patrick Nutcracker By Steinbach is the patron of all Irishmen, whether they live in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland or the United States. He converted the pagan Gaelic tribes to Christianity in the 5th century AD....
  • Big Brewmaster Nutcracker By Steinbach
    Big Brewmaster Nutcracker By Steinbach features a nutcracker for the beer lover but also is a musical piece with the melody "Edelweiss"! This traditional nutcracker has an elaborately crafted outfit.    
  • Big Bayer Nutcracker By Steinbach
    Big Bayer Nutcracker By Steinbach Prost! After work this "Big Bayer" enjoys his well-deserved mass of beer in a wooden jug. The Bavarian way of life and cosiness connects this nutcracker in his own, easy way. A long gray beard,...
  • Big Guard Nutcracker By Steinbach
    Big Guard Nutcracker By Steinbach is a nutcracker shows he is a member of the guard with his gun. He keeps his guard proud. He wears a uniform, with high boots and the characteristic high fur hat.    
  • Proud King Christmas Nutcracker
    Proud King Christmas Nutcracker features a tall Nutcracker king in a traditional uniform with a gold crown.  Use two Kings to stand at attention at the bottom of the staircase or sides of the fireplace.  This will make a wonderful...
  • Troll Winemaker Nutcracker By Steinbach
    Troll Winemaker Nutcracker By Steinbach  is the perfect item for any autumn festival or wine lover. The winemaker wears silver-gray hair. He holds a grape in his hand and stands beside a wine barrel decorated with grapes. His head is...
  • Chubby Fly Fisher Nutcracker By Steinbach
    Chubby Fly Fisher Nutcracker By Steinbach features a detailed nutcracker fly fisher with a hat brim made of felt that makes the look perfect. His fly fishing was also successful - his two captured fish he carries proudly in his hand!...
  • Alice Teacup Hat Nutcracker Hollywood Nutcrackers™
    Alice Teacup Hat Nutcracker is inspired by Lewis Carroll's 1865 novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It features a nutcracker in a red, blue, pink and green glittered color scheme standing on a matching glittered base, His glittered teacup hat is...
  • Cheshire Cat Nutcracker Hollywood Nutcrackers™
    This Cheshire Cat Nutcracker Hollywood Nutcrackers™ is featured sitting atop a glittered mushroom forest base, complete with glittered top hat and watch.
  • Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim Nutcracker Hollywood Nutcrackers™
    Bob Cratchit & Tiny Tim Nutcracker features a Bob Cratchit in a brown and gray outfit holding a lantern in his hand and he is carrying Tiny Tim on his right shoulder. Tiny Tim is wearing a red, green and...
  • Pastel Peppermint Nutcracker Figurine
    This Pastel Peppermint Nutcracker Figurine features a nutcracker with a decorated cake as a hat and candy accents in yummy pastel colors!
  • Wizard Of Oz™ Nutcracker Hollywood Nutcrackers™
    Wizard Of Oz™ Nutcracker features a nutcracker in green and blue glittered attire with red and white striped socks and a rainbow painted on his shirt. His white hair is covered with a green hat that is depicted as the Land...
  • Black Bear Hat Nutcracker Hollywood Nutcrackers™
    Black Bear Hat Nutcracker features a nutcrackers dressed in a multicolored suit with green leaves detailing. His hat is comprised of a black bear with a small rabbit and his standing on a red, green and black glittered base with...
  • Nutcracker Ballet Hat Nutcracker Hollywood Nutcrackers™
    Nutcracker Ballet Hat Nutcracker features a Nutcracker with a Christmas tree hat surrounded by beautifully posed ballerinas.  On his coat are the words "Nutcracker Ballet"
  • Sweet Treat Hat Nutcrackers Hollywood Nutcrackers™
    Sweet Treat Hat Nutcrackers features beautifully crafted nutcrackers with red, white, green and pink glitter and have either a yummy cupcake hat or whipped cream topped hot cocoa hat.