Advent calendars are a wonderful way to enjoy the anticipation of the holiday season, bringing excitement to children and adults alike. Each day, Christmas is one day closer – and it’s easy to get giddy every time you move forward on the advent calendar.

St. Nick’s Christmas & Collectibles carries a wide variety of advent calendars, including many different designs and sizes to suit any home and holiday décor style. Start a new family tradition or continue a beloved legacy with a beautifully crafted advent calendar from our collection.
Count Down to Christmas with Advent Calendars for Sale Online from St. Nick’s
Looking forward to Christmas Day has always been a part of the season. Advent candles were one of the earlier countdown traditions, with advent calendars arriving sometime during the early 20th century.

The history of the advent calendar began with a young German boy named Gerhard Lang, whose mother made him a homemade calendar to mark the days until the Christmas holiday. The cardboard calendar featured 24 small candies, with one attached to each day before the 25th. This treasured holiday memory inspired Lang (who owned a printing company) to create and sell his own version as an adult. Within a few years, his printing company had developed the first-ever advent calendar made with the small doors we know and love today.

Now, there are so many different types of advent calendars available. From classic paper advent calendars pre-filled with sweet treats to large, wooden calendars designed to last for generations, they have become a staple in millions of homes during the holidays. Your family might simply use the calendar to keep track of the holiday countdown; or, small surprises, Bible verses, or even activity ideas could be revealed with each passing day.

No matter how you choose to celebrate the coming of Christmas, an advent calendar can certainly be the source of many magical memories.
Advent Calendar Ideas to Make Holiday Spirits Bright
Searching for ideas for advent calendars and what to fill them with? Small candies are a classic choice, as are favorite family Bible verses. Some families with children opt to write special holiday activities on slips of paper, then tuck one paper into each day of the calendar. Ornament Advent calendars are also a popular option, extending the enjoyment of decorating the Christmas tree until the big day arrives.

With so many unique advent calendar styles to choose from, the biggest challenge is picking just one!
Wooden Advent Calendars
Wooden advent calendars with drawers or small doors can be a delightful addition to your décor and the perfect piece to pass down for holidays year after year. Create a festive tabletop set-up with a freestanding advent calendar surrounded with Christmas village pieces or your favorite holiday collectibles, and you’ll surely look forward to seeing it every day.
Pre-Filled Advent Calendars
Treat yourself to the surprise of an advent calendar filled with mini ornaments, candies, or a variety of mystery items. Some Christmas countdown calendars are already filled, saving you time and effort!
Advent Calendars for Kids
If you’re looking for ideas for an advent calendar for kids, consider choosing one that they can continue to enjoy even as they grow older. Hanging fabric advent calendars are ideal for little ones and have convenient pockets for holding a daily surprise.
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