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Showing 1–16 of 134 results

Showing 1-16 of 134 items

  • Ocean Blue Marlin Ornament
    Ocean Blue Marlin Ornament. features a realistic Marlin Fish in a blue and yellow combination with a glittered tail and fin.  A fun gift for your fisherman!
  • Surf's Up Wagon Ornament Old World Christmas
    Surf's Up Wagon Ornament.   Load up the Woody with your waxed boards, wetsuit and a bunch of friends it's time for Dawn Patrol at the beach! Relive the surfing safaris of your youth, the lazy days spent catching the...
  • Groovy Submarine Ornament Old World Christmas
    Groovy Submarine Ornament.   Submarines were built and used during the American Civil War. They are used for a variety of non-military purposes including salvage missions, deep sea exploration, and marine exploration. Some submarines are able to remain underwater for...
  • Orca Whale Ornament Old World Christmas
    Orca Whale Ornament. With their distinctive black and white markings, Orcas are one of the most easily recognized marine mammals. Although referred to as whales, they are actually the largest members of the dolphin family. Native cultures have long held...
  • Sailfish Ornament Old World Christmas
    Gone Fishing are an angler's favorite words. The beautiful Sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean and a popular sport fish. But fishing isn't just the thrill of a tight line with a strong fish on. It teaches patience,...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Great White Shark Ornament
    Found in coastal waters of all major oceans, the great white shark is known for its incredible size. Female sharks grow to 20 feet long and weigh in at 4,200 pounds. Great whites are the largest predatory fish. The great...
  • Beach Happy Place Ornament Old World Christmas
    Beach Happy Place Ornament. The long, cold, winter season can often lead to daydreaming of being in a chair on the beach with your toes in the warm sand. For many people, their happy place is watching the waves crash...
  • Walrus Ornament Old World Christmas
    Walrus Ornament. One of the most recognizable characteristics of the walrus are the tusks. The walrus is a symbol of family ties and friendship, teaching us to stay close to the ones we love. 
  • Tackle Box Ornament Old World Christmas
    Every fisherman needs a well-stocked tackle box to hold extra lines and hooks, bobbers, sinkers, plastic worms, lures, needle-nose pliers, multi-tool, flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen and a small first aid kit. Grab your pole and let s go fishing.
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Sand Snowman Ornament
    Even snowmen deserve a vacation. This sand snowman has made his way to the beach to soak up some sun and watch the waves crash onto the shore. After a long, cold winter and a lifetime of freezing temperatures, a...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Ski Boat Ornament
    Summer days spent on the lake or river are all about relaxation, fun and sunshine. The ski boat is built for pulling water skiers, wake boarders and float tubes behind the boat. Ski boats have incredible power, and maneuverability to...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Humpback Whale Ornament
    The humpback whale is distinctive because of its immense size and breaching behaviors. The whales weigh up to 80,000 pounds and some reach 52 feet long! Males are especially fascinating for their complex songs, lasting 10-20 minutes. Migrating up to...
  • Dolphin Or Whale Swirl Ornaments
    Dolphin Or Whale Swirl Ornaments feature glass ornaments shaped like a Dolphin or Whale made of glass with a blue swirl. Both are a modern unique look for your tropical tree or for Dolphin or Whale collectors.
  • Beach Bucket Ornament Old World Christmas
    Beach Bucket Ornament. The Beach Bucket ornament is a reminder of summer childhood days spent at the shore. Memories of hotdogs, ice cream and playing in the sand come to mind. In those days a good, sturdy Beach Bucket and...
  • Bright Seahorse Ornament Old World Christmas
    Bright Seahorse Ornament. Seahorses are intricate, diverse and full of surprises and thought to have mystical meaning. Some cultures regard the seahorse as a symbol of luck and good fortune, especially for hunting and fishing. Sailors recognize the seahorse as...
  • Bull Frog Ornament Old World Christmas
    Bull Frog Ornament. Bullfrogs can be primarily found along lakes, streams, ponds and swamps across North America. These hoppy creatures can also be kept as pets. The bullfrog earned its name from the male's ability to roar loudly to attract...