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  • Strike King Bowling Alley Peanuts Village Dept. 56
    Strike King Bowling Alley.  Bowling is more fun when Charlie Brown and the gang join in! This new lit piece for the Peanuts Village is the Strike King where many 300 perfect games have been rolled!
  • Chuck's Sporting Goods Dept. 56
    Ever wonder where the infamous football that Lucy pulls out as good ol' Charlie Brown was purchased? Why, it came from "Chuck's Sporting Goods" where you can buy equipment for all sports all season!
  • Peanuts Pinecrest Barber Shop Dept. 56
    Everyone gets their haircuts at "Pinecrest Barber Shop." The red and white striped turret on the front of the building leaves no doubt to the business inside.
  • Dept. 56 Snow Village Halloween Snoopy's Treat, No Tricks Retired
    Always ready to trick-or-treat, our friend good ole' Charlie Brown is revealed, and so is his faithful canine companion, Snoopy.
  • Dept. 56 Snoopy's Cocoa Stand
      Snoopy is such an industrious dog! Now he's opened a hot cocoa stand. Woodstock flies in to help and, of course, the cocoa is 5 cents a mug! The piece is made of resin and is carefully hand painted....
  • Dept. 56 Peanuts O' Christmas Tree
    Charlie Brown's little misfit tree transforms through the help and belief of Charlie Brown and his Friends  
  • Dept. 56 Peanuts Getting Ready for Christmas
    Snoopy and Woodstock are getting into the holiday spirit and are decorating Snoopy's doghouse. They are sure to win 1st prize at the decorating contest!
  • Dept. 56 Peanuts Campfire Buddies
    Woodstock has brought many of his feathery friends to join Snoopy around the campfire. With marshmallow sticks in hand, there will be singing around the campfire tonight.
  • Dept. 56 Peanuts Lucy Is In
    Lucy is available to help with those Christmas Blues for only $.05. Woodstock sits nearby hoping to get some pointers. 
  • Peanuts The Perfect Tree Dept. 56
    Charlie Brown and Snoopy take a forgotten misfit tree and adopt it for Christmas and shows us all, the true meaning of Christmas. 
  • Dept.56 Peanuts Village Christmas Pageant
    Inspired by the T.V special, Charlie Brown and Lucy are practicing for the big school Christmas Pageant. Woodstock sits nestled in Linus' blanket, while Snoopy has been transformed into a little angel.
  • Peanuts A Fall Tradition Dept. 56
    It wouldn't be autumn without a good ol' game of football. And it wouldn't be a football game without Lucy pulling the ball out from under good O'l Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Brown Breaks 100 Peanuts Village Dept. 56
    Charlie Brown Breaks 100 is a very happy Charlie and his sidekick Snoopy. Charlie Brown has big dreams for his bowling future. Today it's time to celebrate breaking 100! Coordinates with Strike King Bowling Alley
  • Dept. 56 Peanuts Happy Holidays Snoopy and Woodstock
    Snoopy, Santa's Helper, is trying Woodstock's hat on him for sizing. He's been deputized to help Santa! 
  • Peanuts We're Looking Good Dept. 56
    Snoopy and Woodstock take a good look in the mirror to approve their new styles then exclaim We're Looking Good!