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Showing 1-16 of 18 items

  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Stack Of Books Ornament
    Filled with information, books expand our knowledge and offer new insights. Through literature, books offer inspiration and excitement. They spark imagination and enrich our lives. This ornament makes a wonderful gift for any book lover or scholar.
  • Teacher Heart Ball Ornament
    Teacher Heart Ball Ornament features lovely a hand lettered and glittered ball that reads, It takes a big ❤️ to Teach precious minds! Personalize Free!
  • To the World You Are a Teacher Glass Ball Ornament Personalized
      This handmade ornament is a beautiful addition to the tree. This ornament features the sentiment "To the world you are a Teacher but to your students your're a STAR"
  • Microscope Ornament Old World Christmas
    The earliest microscopes were called flea glasses as they were originally used to study small bugs. The first microscope was invented by Hans and Zacharius Jansen in the 1600s and has gone through numerous improvements over the centuries. Today, we...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Box of Crayons Ornament
    A new box of crayons is a special treat for artists ages 0-99. Cherish memories of making priceless works of art with kids with this special ornament. Many masterpieces have been created with these colored wax sticks, adorning the fridge...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Best Calculator Ornament
    Whether you re doing your homework, remodeling your kitchen or baking a cake, your calculator is a handy tool to have at the ready. Everyone appreciates this small machine's ability to process a long string of numbers and mathematical operations....
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Best Teacher Mug Ornament
    Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher, says a Japanese proverb. At their best, educators teach us to think and ask questions. Say thanks to all the amazing teachers you know with...
  • Teacher's Apple Ornament Old World Christmas
    Teacher's Apple Ornament. A beautiful, ripe apple is a traditional gift to a favorite teacher. It started years ago in New England when teachers were usually paid in foodstuffs. This glass apple, perched on a stack of books, makes a...
  • Stack of Books Ornament
    This Stack of Books ornament is perfect for the Book Lover in your family!
  • Watercolor Palette Ornament Old World Christmas
    Watercolor is an ancient form of painting that has been used to create masterpieces for centuries. This incredibly versatile media is used by incredibly gifted artists and children alike. Watercolor is often used as the first experience for children to...
  • Dear You - Teacher Ornament
    The lovely Dear You Ornament in Teacher is perfect for any educator on your gifting list. This striking blown glass ornament features a playful heart shape and is adorned with sparkling rhinestones with a winter snowflake charm. Heartfelt sentiments about...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Blue Ribbon Ornament
    For centuries, this prize meant you were the best. French knights wore them & the Cordon Bleu was named after them. Later it was awarded to passenger ships with the fastest trans-Atlantic crossing time. And of course, this has been...
  • Love Virtual Teachers Ornaments
    Love Virtual Teachers Ornaments feature appreciation for virtual teachers!  Choose "Teachers change the world one lesson at a time" or "Teachers can do virtually anything" Both have books and apples, one has a laptop and one has a desk top...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Science Beaker Ornament
    Filled with sugar water, feeders provide supplemental energy to the tiny birds, so that they can hunt for insects and spiders (their main protein source). Feeders are often hung near windows, so that we can better enjoy watching these fanciful...
  • S'mores Teacher Ornament
    A "Sweet" ornament for the teacher on your list!
  • Teachers Change the World Ornament Personalized
    Teachers Change the World Ornament features an apple as a globe being held by a pencil.  The apple has the sentiment "Teacher Change the World".  Personalize for your favorite teacher!