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Showing 1–16 of 46 results

Showing 1-16 of 46 items

  • Disneyland Haunted Mansion Dept. 56 Snow Village Halloween
    This Disneyland Haunted Mansion is inspired by the "Haunted Mansion" at Disneyland, this detailed jack-o-lantern festooned Victorian mansion hides some spooky adventures for those who enter. 
  • Mickey's Clubhouse Disney Village Dept. 56
    Mickey's Clubhouse Disney Village features the iconic house. Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? In the 1950s and 1960s every episode of Mickey's Clubhouse started with this cheery call to all members to join...
  • Minnies Shoe Boutique Disney Village Dept 56
    Minnie's Shoe Boutique Disney Village.  A girl can never have too many shoes, and Minnie Mouse is no exception. She loves shoes so much that she opened Minnie's Shoe Boutique just in time for the holidays.
  • Dept. 56 Disney Halloween Village Mickey's Haunted Manor
    Mickey will give you something good to eat if you are brave enough to visit Mickey's Haunted Manor. Halloween spooks & spirits won't be able to resist!
  • Dept. 56 North Pole Mickey's Stuffed Animals
    Santa needs a special shop to make and stuff his famous Disney plush toys! A giant Mickey plush toy oversees the operation where elves cheerfully sew millions of Mickey, Minnie, Donald and all the happy Disney characters with soft plush...
  • Dept. 56 Disney Halloween Village Minnie's Pumpkintown House
    Wearing a jaunty witch's hat and her signature polka-dotted bow, Minnie's Pumpkin Town House is ready for the season! There is a cauldron of witch's brew, candy corn, a witch's broom and pumpkins on the doorstep.  
  • Dept. 56 North Pole Village Mickey's Ears Factory
    A part of the North Pole Collection, inspired by magic and charming legends. Here at the North Pole, the elves have opened a special shop for all those Mouse Ears offered around the world. 
  • Dept. 56 Disney Halloween Village Halloween Treats From Goofy
    Goofy is dressed up to scare all the friends in Pumpkintown. Halloween season is a favorite among many, including our friends here in Pumpkintown.
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Minnie's Cotton Candy Shop
    Always working to provide endless joy to the children, Minni asked Mickey build her Cotton Candy Shop to the delight of the Villagers
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Mickey Mouse Ear Hat Shop
    Introduced in 1955 when the Mickey Mouse Club first aired, the popular Mickey Mouse Ears Hat was designed by "Roy" Williams, an adult mouseketeer on the series. It is now a staple for visitors to purchase when they visit any...
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Minnie's Dance Academy
    Every little girl dreams of taking dance lessons and starring in the Christmas classic, "The Nutcracker." This year Minnie Mouse has landed the coveted roll of Clara and is ready to take the stage at "Minnie's Dance Academy."
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Mickey's Gingerbread House
    Always working to provide endless joy to the children, Mickey added this nifty building to the Village Bringing delight to all of the Villagers
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Mickey's Balloon Inflators
    Always working to provide endless joy to the children, Mickey whipped up this nifty building, which exists for the sole purpose of inflating balloons of all shapes and sizes. A fun addition to your Disney Village.
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Mickey's Alarm Clock Shop
    Super fun design in iconic Mickey colors: Red, Black, White, and Yellow. Clockwork gears are sculpted into the design, along with lots of Mickey ears.  
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Mickey's Tree Lot
      Way up north, past the North Pole, is a place full of joy. A place where Christmas fills the air and holiday preparations never end. Mickey's Christmas Village brings holiday magic to your home with intricate details and sparkling...
  • Dept. 56 Disney Village Mickey's Ski & Skate Shop
    Mickey's Village Comes Alive with the joy of Christmas that fills the air.