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  • Traditional C7 Transparent Twinkle Bulb
    Traditional C7 Transparent Twinkle Bulb will create a shimmering glow in your holiday display this season. Eight Colors and Multi Replacement Bulbs If you are unable to add your selection to the cart the item is sold out
  • Traditional C7 Opaque Replacement Bulbs
    Traditional C7 Opaque Replacement Bulbs feature traditional nostalgic look!  Change from multi to a single color, team colors or school colors and celebrate all year!
  • Traditional C7 Transparent Replacement Bulbs
    Traditional C7 Transparent Replacement bulbs feature transparent lights to repair your set or create a new one!  Box of 25 bulbs. Lots of colors
  • C7 Flicker Flame Replacement
    These replacement C7 flicker flame bulbs are a delightful addition to your decor! Lights flicker giving the look of realistic-looking flames without the hazards of real fire.
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