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Showing 1–16 of 42 results

Showing 1-16 of 42 items

  • Tower of London Pre-Loved Dickens Village
    Tower of London Pre-Loved Dickens' Village.  This interpretation is the White tower, one of the 20 that make up the Tower of London.  It is the oldest fortified building still in occupation, and renowned for housing a prison, as well...
  • Dept. 56 Rare Retired Chadbury Station Dickens Village Pre-Owned
    This piece has the 9.5" platform the columns are not straight.  This item has the earlier sleeve which reads "Train and Lighted Station".
  • Kensington Palace Pre-Loved Dickens Village
    Kensington Palace Pre-Loved Dickens' Village.  From Queen Victoria to Princess Diana, Kensington Palace tells a tale of time honored tradition and royalty.  The majestic ties to this palace date back to 1869 when William III purchased the mansion know as...
  • Westminster Abbey Pre-Loved Dickens Village
    Westminster Abbey Pre-Loved Dickens' Village.  This is a replica of the western facade and principal entrance of one of England's most famous landmarks.  Designated as a Royal Peculiar, responsible directly to the reigning king or queen.
  • Alpine Church Dept. 56 Alpine Village Rare Retired Pre-Owned
    In the Alpine Collection the Alpine church was central to the Alpine Village.  This building was issued with two different trims.  This one has the caramel trim and lighter roof.
  • Dept. 56 Rare Retired Alpine Village St. Nikolaus Kirche Pre-Owned
    St. Nikolaus Kirche Church was the actual birthplace of  the beloved song "Silent Night." sadly the church in Austria was destroyed by floods in the 1890s.  
  • Dept. 56 Rare Retired Christmas in the City 5609 Park Avenue Pre-Owned
    5609 Park Avenue Christmas in the City is a four story companion to 5607 Park Avenue townhouse with an art studio as an added design feature. Early pieces have gilded trim at the top edge of the roof (rarer) later ones...
  • Dept. 56 Rare Retired Dickens Village Dedlock Arms Pre-Owned
    Third introduction of Inn of Charles Dickens Signature Series of Inns. Dickens based his version of this tavern from Bleak House on the Sondes Arms in Rockingham, England
  • Dept. 56 Rare Retired Dickens Village Blythe Pond Mill House Pre-Owned
    This is the later shipment with "By The Pond" Blythe Pond the difference:  First-year shipments read "Bythe Pond" and match the name on the building; sleeve reads "Dickens Village Mill."  Later shipments read "By The Pond" incorrectly inscribed in the bottoms...
  • Village Well & Holy Cross Dept. 56 Rare Retired Dickens' Village Pre-Owned
    This Village Well & Holy Cross Accessory set features an open well inside a brown gazebo and a cross mounted on a stone pedestal with a snow covered evergreen.
  • Great Expectations Manor Pre-Loved Dickens Village
    Great Expectations Manor Pre-Loved Dickens' Village. Dickens used Restoration House in Rochester, England, as the model for his Satis Manor.  The house which is key to the novel's focus, has a forlorn look reflection Miss Havisham's reclusive personality.
  • Dept. 56 Rare Retired Dickens Village Bishops Oast House Pre-Owned
    "Bishops" refers to a surname, not a religious figure.  Oast Houses are designed for Kilning hops for the brew making process.  
  • Camden Park Square Camden Park Fountain Pre-Loved Fountain
    Camden Park Square Camden Park Fountain Pre-Loved. Complete your Dickens village with Park pieces.  Imagine victorian dressed residents as they promenade by the lovely fountains.  A truly rare find in complete working condition.  Surprise your collector with this unique accessory....
  • Marie's Doll Museum Dept. 56 Rare Retired North Pole Pre-Owned
    A tribute piece to Marie Osmond, entertainer, porcelain doll designer and avid North Pole Collector!
  • Sale!
    Shingle Creek House Dept. 56 New England Village Rare Retired Pre-Owned
    Shingle Creek House Dept. 56 is a Salt box design with red shingle walls.  Version One has a structure color of darker red, the porch, steps and columns are dark grey.  A part of the New England Village Series.
  • Ox Sled Dept. 56 Rare Retired Dickens' Village Pre-Owned
    This Ox Sled Dept. 56 Accessory features a red cart being pulled by two oxen and a boy sitting in the cart with a tree.  This is the second edition with the blue pants and black bench.