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Showing 1-16 of 32 items

  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Astronomy Tower
    The highest peak at Hogwarts is the astronomy tower, where young witches and wizards learn about the stars and their effects on magic. A massive and majestic addition to your Hogwarts Castle.
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Great Hall & Tower
    Considered a castle, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is the main fictional setting of the Harry Potter Novels. Our depiction shows a portion of the campus, highlighting the Great Hall and the Great Tower.
  • Hogsmeade Station Dept. 56 Harry Potter™
    Hogsmeade Station is a tiny, dark platform where the Hogwarts Express ends its journey north from Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters in London and where all Hogwarts student arrive on their way to Wizardry School.
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Honeydukes Sweet Shop
    Honeydukes is a popular sweets shop located in Hogsmeade that is usually crowded with Hogwarts students and sometimes with the professors of Hogwarts. The shop is filled with many different kinds of wonderful and wild sweets.
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ The Three Broomsticks
    The Three Broomsticks is a popular inn and pub in the all wizarding village of Hogsmeade and is often frequented by students from the neighbouring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The inn is often warm, crowded, and a bit...
  • Madam Malkins Harry Potter™ Village Dept 56 6011464
    Madam Malkin's Harry Potter™ Village Dept. 56.  Located in Diagon Alley, Madam Malkin's is where students from Hogwarts got their official school uniforms. Wizards & Witches could purchase dress robes & traveling cloaks.
  • Flourish and Blotts Harry Potter™ Village Dept 56 6010455
    Flourish and Blotts Harry Potter™ Village Dept. 56.   Flourish and Blotts Bookseller was a bookshop in North Side, Diagon Alley, about halfway down the street on the left hand side. It was where most Hogwarts students purchased their schoolbooks.
  • Leaky Cauldron Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ New 2022
    A popular wizarding pub & inn located in London. The rear of the pub opens up onto a courtyard that contains the entrance to Diagon Alley as well as Knockturn Alley. It is small, dingy & welcoming. An ideal spot...
  • The Shrieking Shack Dept. 56 Harry Potter™
    The "Shrieking Shack" is an old abandoned house just outside of Hogsmeade. It was called this because of the shrieking noises that came out it. According to Ron Weasley, " Even the Hogwarts ghosts avoid it ."
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Quality Quidditch Supplies
    One of the most exciting things about the wizarding world is Quidditch. As the main sport, Quidditch combines all of the exciting things about Muggle sports but then throws in magical elements.
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ The Boathouse
    The Boathouse is the starting point for all first year student to travel to Hogwarts. The architecture fits in with the Great Hall and the Astronomy Tower.
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Village Gringotts Bank
    Established in the 1400s by Gringott, the one and only bank in the Wizarding World is operated by goblins.
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Village The Burrow
    Harry Potter's favorite place to spend his holidays away from Hogwarts is with the l Weasley family at their country home, nicknamed the Burrow. It may be ramshackle, cramped and even a little crooked on its axis, but there's not...
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Village Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
    Older brothers to Ron, the Weasley twins, Fred and George created their joke shop business with products “guaranteed to cause a wheeze”. Located at 93 Diagon Alley, wonders such as potions, magic items for muggles, and practical joke articles are...
  • Dept. 56 Harry Potter™ Village Eeylops Owl Emproium
    It was Harry’s 11th birthday, July 31st, 1991 when Rubeus Hagrid brought Harry to Eeylops Owl Emporium to buy him his pet, Hedwig. Since then, the Snowy Hedwig has become the most famous owl of all time.
  • Borgin and Burkes™ Harry Potter™ Dept. 56
    Borgin and Burkes is an antique shop located at 13B, Knockturn Alley, owned by Mr Borgin and Mr Burke, and the shop owners are known to deal with unusual and ancient wizarding artefacts. It has a shady reputation due to the...