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  • Welding Helmet Ornament Old World Christmas
    Welding melds two pieces of metal together using heat using electricity and flame. The heat produces sparks and light so bright it can permanently damage eyes, so welders wear helmets to protect their eyes and skin.
  • Claw Hammer Ornament Old World Christmas
    The Claw Hammer is one of the oldest and most used tools. From construction sites to home projects, they are a true necessity. Carpenters view hammers as a personal tool, an extension of themselves, and are loyal to their favorite.
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Best Electrician Ornament
    Electricity is often taken for granted. Turn on the lights, watch TV, charge batteries, cooking and more. When the circuit is loose, broken or worse, call an electrician to solve the problem and get power restored. Give this ornament to...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Power Drill Ornament
    The power drill is a basic tool found in most every tool box, allowing the handyman or woman to save time and energy using electrical or battery power. From construction sites to home projects, they are a true necessity. This...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Tool Box Ornament
    From construction sites to do-it-yourself projects, a toolbox is a true necessity. Toolboxes organize, carry and protect tools. The toolbox ornament makes a great gift for a favorite builder, craftsman or handyman who will undoubtedly cherish the memories of building,...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Tape Measure Ornament
    Many wise carpenters have cautioned, Measure twice. Cut once. One of the most basic tools, a tape measure can wind feet of measuring tape into a small container making it practical and versatile. Tape measures have been traced back as...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Construction Helmet Ornament
    Long ago, ship builders coated their hats in pitch and left them in the sun to cure. The hats hardened and served to protect the workers heads during dangerous work. Today s construction helmets have evolved and have become a...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Toilet Plunger Ornament
    The exact invention date and inventor are unknown for this functional tool. Its design has remained basically the same over the years. Interestingly, the Toilet Plunger has alternative uses. A woman used one to fend off a burglar by knocking...
  • Electricians Ornament Personalized
    This Electricians Ornament Personalized features an electrician with the tools of the trade.  Personalize for a unique and fun gift.
  • Landscapers Truck Ornament Personalize
    This Landscapers Truck Ornament Personalize features a white truck with shrubs in the back and a trailer with a red lawnmower.  A unique gift!  Personalize Free!
  • "#1 Trucker" Ornament Personalized
    Thank the truck driver in your life with this "#1 Trucker" ornament. Each ornament has a red and white banner that can be written on for personalization.
  • Handy Person Tools Pegboard Ornament
    This Handy Person Tools Pegboard Ornament Features an assortment of tools on a pegboard dangling from a pair of work gloves.  This ornament is a unique gift for the handy person on you list!