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  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Life Jacket Ornament
    Personal floatation devices, such as life jackets are intended to make the water more fun and much safer. Life jackets have come a long way since their primitive days when they were made of animal hides and hollowed out gourds....
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Raft Ornament
    In order to survey the Rocky Mountains & Great Plains, the rubber raft was created & took its maiden voyage on the Platte River in 1842. White water rafting didn't become popular until the 1960s & became an Olympic sport...
  • Red Kayak Ornament Old World Christmas
    Kayaks were invented and first used by indigenous Arctic people who used the boats to hunt on inland lakes, rivers and coastal waters. The word kayak means "hunter's boat." Today, kayaks are made of modern materials and are used for...
  • Green Canoe Ornament Old World Christmas
    Canoes were developed by the Native Peoples of North America. The name comes from the word kenu meaning dugout. The most well-known version is made of wooden ribs covered with birch bark ideal for travelling streams, rivers and lakes. Today...
  • Paddle Board Ornament Personalized
    Paddle Board Ornament features a guy or gal on a paddle board soaking up the sun and fun. Celebrate the adventurer on your list with one of these Paddle Board ornaments.  Personalize for a custom gift. If you are unable...
  • Yellow Raft With Paddles Ornament Personalized
    Celebrate the adventurer on your list with this Yellow Raft with paddles ornament.  Personalize for a custom gift.
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