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Showing 1–16 of 28 results

Showing 1-16 of 28 items

  • It Takes Two Ornament Tails With Heart
    It Takes Two Ornament features mice working together to create the perfect gift, these two mice maneuver a sewing machine to stitch a mitten with care. With dazzling details and charming color, it takes two to create Christmas memories to...
  • Tails With Heart FAO Schwarz Nutcracker Mouse Figurine
    Saluting us with miniature mastery and grace, this dashing mouse Nutcracker is a delightful addition to any holiday home. With poise and toys, he's ready to aid in your festivities however you see fit. Be sure to return his praise....
  • Christmas Delivery Figurine Tails With Heart
    Christmas Delivery Figurine Tails With Heart. Steering down snowy streets, this mouse is on a mission to spread the holiday spirit by the truckload. Driving a wreath adorned red pickup full of Christmas deliveries, this mouse transports prettily wrapped presents...
  • Gingerbread House Figurine Tails With Heart
    Gingerbread House Figurine Tails With Heart. Wearing a green dress and gingerbread man embroidered apron, this beaming baker boasts their latest cookie creation with a smile. Holding the newly crafted gingerbread house in her little hands, this charming chef cherishes...
  • Napping Under The Shroom Figurine Tails With Heart
    Napping Under The Shroom Figurine Tails With Heart. This festive toadstool serves as a holiday hangout for this exhauted mouse. Tuckered out from a long day playing in the snow, the red and green dressed mouse rests under a snowy...
  • More Wine Please Figurine Tails With Heart
    More Wine Please Figurine Tails With Heart. Wearing the colors of Christmas, this thirsty mouse is stirring liquid libations in the house! Holding a giant, nearly empty wine glass in her dainty hands, this cheerful mouse would like to request...
  • Decorating the Tree figurine Tails With Heart
    Decorating the Tree figurine Tails With Heart.  Wearing the colors of Christmas, there is a mouse stirring in the house! With a Santa's hat, this merry mouse holds a bedazzled miniature tree as she prepares to deck the halls this...
  • Sugar Angels Figurine Tails With Heart
    Sugar Angels Figurine features a mouse playing merrily in a sweet spill, this festive mouse makes a snow angel in confectioner's sugar. Dressed as a Christmas elf in red and green, this jingle bell flourished mouse loses his hat as...
  • Gumdrop Golfing Figurine Tails With Heart
    Gumdrop Golfing Figurine features a mouse setting up his shot to tee off, this sweet and seasonal golfer plays the game with a candy cane and a gumdrop. Wearing an elf uniform with crystal and jingle bell details, this mouse...
  • Cookies for Santa Figurine Tails With Heart
    Cookies for Santa Figurine features a mouse dressed as an elf, this mischievous mouse is stirring up trouble! Holding a note marked “Cookies for Santa”, this guy gobbles down a plate that was full of precious delicacies. Leaving only crumbs,...
  • Tails With Heart Reader Mouse Figurine
    This Tails with Heart miniature tells a tale all its own. A mother mouse with a flower tucked behind her ear reads a storybook to her little pup in tow. The tiny tyke helps hold the cover while his mother...
  • Tails With Heart Puzzler Mouse Figurine
    Puzzles can be infuriating when you discover a missing piece, luckily with a little help from the Tails with Heart crew, you'll never go looking again! With a sincere smile, this heartwarming helper presents a puzzle piece left behind.  
  • Tails With Heart Knitter Mouse Figurine
    Sitting atop a ball of yarn, this crafty mouse knits herself a string of flowers. With one of her creations tucked behind her ear, she smiles sweetly imagining her next designs. Wearing a sweater and holding knitter's needles, she's ready...
  • Tails With Heart Baker Mouse Figurine
    This little mouse from the Tails with Heart collection personifies the best mouse to have in the house - a baker! With a petite chef's hat and apron, this modest muffin maker serves up a fresh pan of baked goodies...
  • Tails With Heart Nativity Creche Figurine
    Remember the real reason for the season with this mouse nativity scene. Nose to nose Mouse Mary and Joseph hold baby Mouse Jesus tenderly. The star emblazoned creche bares the inscription: "Silent Night, Holy Night".
  • Tails With Heart Crayon Racer Crayola
    This coaster is powered by creativity and a mouse! Cruising through your home, creativity and color are set to the highest gear. Scarf billowing in the breeze, this mouse encourages you to break out the Crayolas and let your imagination...