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When it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, no company provides suitable personalized Christmas ornaments like St. Nick’s Christmas and Collectibles.

We have ornaments ready to personalize with names to set the right holiday mood.

Our store, St. Nick’s Christmas and Collectibles, stocks a vast variety of custom Christmas ornaments to simplify your shopping experience. At our store, you get all sorts of custom ornaments without hopping from store to store. 
Custom Ornaments
St. Nick’s offers custom Christmas ornaments in a variety of themes. Whether you want to celebrate your occupation, snowmen, photo frames, or doors with wreaths we have something ideal for you.

Homeowners around the United States and other parts of the world choose St. Nick’s personalized Christmas ornaments, and it’s easy to see why!

Great Value: Each custom ornament from St Nick’s is designed to give the best value out of the dollars you spend. We customize the decorations to detail to give your Christmas tree a striking appearance that everyone admires.
Durable: Our personalized ornaments are designed from high-quality materials like resin or polyresin to last long. With proper care, your custom Christmas ornaments can serve you for a long time.

Personalized Ornaments Delivered
Having your name, photo, monogram, message, or family member’s name on an ornament converts it from an ordinary decoration to a valuable keepsake that creates lasting memories. 

At St. Nicks, your customization is easy as 1-2-3. We wrap them nicely and dispatch the customized Christmas ornaments to your doorstep or that of a loved one you wish to make happy.

Since we ship to the entire US, you or your family member can order and receive personalized ornaments from anywhere — there is no need to drive to our Littleton, Colorado location.
First Christmas Ornaments
Your baby’s first Christmas is a sentimental time to celebrate your special little one and create good memories to remind them of their childhood days. We customize the first Christmas ornaments with your baby’s name and a date.

Since the ornaments serve as a reminder of those precious baby days, St. Nick’s offers products designed from materials that can stand the test of time. They’ll not lose their lustrous appeal even after years of use or storage. 

If it is your first Christmas together, we also offer personalized  ornaments for “Our First Christmas Together.”
Custom Christmas Ornaments: Shop Online & In-person
At St. Nick’s Christmas and Collectibles, we stock all personalized Christmas ornaments to streamline your shopping experience. Whether you want glitter glass ornaments, holiday lanterns, lights, or Unicorn ornaments, rest assured that our store has something for you.

We have served United States families for 40 years. Customers keep returning because we have a vast selection of authentic products. Our prices are excellent, and our customer service is top-notch. Helping you welcome the festive holidays with style is our top priority.

We do not just stock Christmas ornaments, but we also source from leading artisans in Europe, America, and other countries. We rank top in the list of US stores selling personalized ornaments.

On average, you receive your order within 1 to 7 days. However, the shipping time varies depending on your location, type of customization, and day of placing an order. Our logistics team will notify you 24 hours before the shipment deadline if we need additional time. 
Shop the Best Personalized Christmas Ornaments
Our store, St. Nick’s Christmas and Collectibles, has simplified holiday decorating by stocking lights, holiday décor, collectibles & traditions, novelties, wreaths, and any other Christmas accessories needed to set your home’s atmosphere for celebration.

With the variety of ornaments at St. Nick’s, you find everything at our store, saving you the time and effort you would have spent hopping from store to store. Our customer support helps you find the specific ornaments you want.

Depending on your preferences, you can shop online at our e-commerce store. If you are around our physical store in Littleton, Colorado, pay us a visit for in-person shopping. We are located at 5221S Santa Fe Dr. Littleton, CO 80120.

Whichever shopping mode you pick, you will find what you need at St. Nick’s. Check out our online store to buy your favorite Christmas ornaments Contact us for more information about our personalized Christmas ornaments.