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A Simple, Stylish Way to Hang Your Christmas Stockings

If you’re still using nails to hang your stockings, it’s time to make the switch to stocking holders or hooks! Holders and hooks are an incredibly convenient, damage-free option for stockings, so you’ll never have to hammer another hole in the wall or mantel again. And because you can easily move holders and hooks, changing up your décor takes just a few minutes.

St. Nick’s Christmas & Collectibles has a wide variety of stocking hooks and holders for sale, available at both our Denver Christmas store and online. With a diverse selection of styles to choose from, you can easily find ones that suit your holiday home style.

Christmas Stocking Holders

Holders for stockings are designed to be set atop a flat surface, like a mantel or shelf. Then, a hook gives you the perfect place to hang a stocking, while the weight of the holder keeps everything safely secure.

Some families have a matching set of stocking holders, sometimes inscribing each family member’s name to personalize their holder. Others prefer to mix and match stocking holder styles, with each family member choosing one that matches their personality. For example, grandparents may be drawn towards vintage-style Santa stocking holders, which are full of nostalgic charm. On the other hand, stocking holders for kids might feature bright colors, whimsical elements, or even some sparkle and shine.

If you’re searching for farmhouse chic Christmas décor ideas, consider a modern assortment of iron-finish stocking holders with pinecones and snowflakes. Or, try a traditional style like our cardinal stocking holders for a classic, timeless touch. We even have dog-themed stocking holders for the precious pooch in your life!

Christmas Stocking Hooks

Hooks for Christmas stockings are another great option, especially for families with small children or pets. Because hooks are lightweight, yet sturdy, they are unlikely to fall – but even if they do, nobody will be hurt.

One of our most popular stocking hooks for sale is The Original MantleClip®. Suitable for hanging stockings and décor alike, the MantleClips are a minimalistic, matte black stocking hook with a subtle style. Clear gripper pads hold each stocking hook in place while preventing any surface damage at the same time. Each stocking clip holds 10 pounds, so you can stuff your stockings to the brim with gifts! And because MantleClips have a low-profile design, they can be hung right next to Christmas villages, garlands, and other holiday mantel décor.

For a festive and fun stocking hook, check out our Candy Cane Stocking Holder Hooks. These adorable, red-and-white-striped hooks are inspired by everyone’s favorite peppermint stick treat. Each hook is wrapped with red and white fabric cords for an elevated look that you’ll love.

Where to Hang Christmas Stockings

Wondering where to hang up Christmas stockings? Even though the mantel is the most traditional spot, there isn’t necessarily a wrong answer! Thanks to the convenience and flexibility of stocking holders and hooks, you can hang your stockings just about anywhere you’d like.

Some ideas for hanging Christmas stockings include:

  • A bookshelf decorated with small holiday trinkets and mementos
  • An entertainment console draped with a festive garland
  • A wall shelf adorned with treasured photos of Christmases past
  • A staircase banister
  • Doorknobs
  • Hooks mounted directly on the wall

Make sure your stockings are secure, so you won’t have to worry about children or pets knocking them down. And don’t forget – come Christmas morning, they’ll be loaded with gifts and treats, so a sturdy hook or holder is often your best bet.

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