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Showing 1–16 of 183 results

Showing 1-16 of 183 items

  • Animated Flaming Sleigh Dept 56 Snow Village
    Animated Flaming Sleigh features Santa in his sleigh with flames coming out of the back!  The sleigh is from the famous scene in Christmas Vacation when the yard decorations take flight.
  • A Perfect Ten D56 Cross Product
    As we can see the elf has rated Santa's moves A Perfect 10 . This animated piece will tuck into small spaces on any Village display.
  • Trick or Treat Lane Entrance Dept. 56 Halloween Village
    Now Trick or Treat Lane can be easily found with the new Lit Entrance . Spooky lit trees with purple LEDs, pumpkins and dastardly bare branch trees line the entrance for ghastly good fun.
  • Christmas Morning Express D56 Cross Product
    Every little boy dreams of waking up on Christmas morning and finding a toy train under the tree. This Christmas Morning Train is animated and will delight all who see it!
  • Udderly Unbelievable Dept. 56 Halloween Village
    No, we're not in Area 51, but there seems to be a flying saucer landing in the cow pasture! Udderly Unbelieveable adds a little humor to your Village display as the spaceship rotates above head.
  • Dept. 56 Village Going Home For The Holidays
    Flying in a traditional V-shaped pattern these birds are preparing to migrate to the south for winter. The piece is animated.
  • Haunted Skull Tree Dept. 56 Halloween Village
    With sparkling glitter and lots of spooky skulls, the Haunted Skull Tree is lit and rotates. A perfect centerpiece to any Village Halloween display.
  • Dept. 56 Village Town Center Tree
    Standing almost 9 inches tall, the "Town Center Tree" is a showstopper. The glittered tree rotates on a handsome base that holds 4 uplights that make the tree shimmer and shine.
  • Fishing Pond By Fontanini
    Complete your Village display with this Fishing Pond By Fontanini .  A beautiful and unique addition to your Nativity Village also.
  • Snowy Bottle Brush Tree Set
    This Snowy Bottle Brush Tree Set is the perfect addition to your village display.  Their bases are stable and made to resemble bark.
  • Shaped Bottle Brush Trees
    This Shaped Bottle Brush Trees are the perfect addition to your village display.  Their special shape make them a unique accessory for your Grinch village.
  • Zoological Gardens Fence D56 Cross Product
    Designed to create semi-circular exhibits, the fencing can be changed and added to as the zoo expands. It is sold as a set of 10 pieces.  Coordinates with Dickens' Zoological Society Building.