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Showing 1–16 of 154 results

Showing 1-16 of 154 items

  • Hummingbird Floral Cloisonné Ornament
    Hummingbird Floral Cloisonné Ornament features a design that entwines florals, vines and hummingbirds in a delicate dance around this glass ornament in the style of Cloisonné.  Comes in a beautiful gift box.
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Chicken Coop
    The chicken coop, or hen house is a safety zone for chickens. It provides an indoor protected area for chickens to sleep, lay eggs and nest. Chicken coops can be simple structures or extravagant creations. These feathery friends produce nutritious...
  • Magnificent Hummingbird Ornament Old World Christmas
    Magnificent Hummingbird Ornament. The magnificent hummingbird is one of the most beautiful and remarkable birds in all of creation. Remarkably, this tiny but mighty bird can not only hover but also fly backward. The hummingbird is a prominent symbol in...
  • Bright Butterfly Ornament Old World Christmas
    Bright Butterfly Ornament. A magnificent transformation takes place as a caterpillar cocoons, dissolves its body, and then emerges as a bright butterfly that will migrate hundreds of miles. One can learn valuable life lessons from a butterfly, when life is...
  • Luna Moth Ornament Old World Christmas
    Luna Moth Ornament.  The luna moth is said to be America s most beautiful insect. This colorful moth can be found fluttering around the woodlands and forests of Nova Scotia, west to North Dakota and as far south as Florida...
  • Fanciful Butterfly Ornament Old World Christmas
    People love watching colorful butterflies float from flower to flower. Some incredible facts about the Butterfly are that they taste with their feet.  They drum on a leaf with their feet until it releases its juices so the Butterfly can...
  • Smiley Snail Ornament Old World Christmas
    What's the hurry? Smiley snail slinks through life with a sunny smile. Snails teach us incredible life lessons including enjoying a slower pace to life and how to weather the storms of life and enjoy the sunshine after the rain.
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass French Hen Ornament
    Most recognized for being part of the Twelve Days of Christmas song, the three French hens represent the three Cardinal Virtues: faith, hope and charity. In chicken history, the French hen was first raised for as a food source. Today,...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Peregrine Falcon Ornament
    The peregrine falcon is known to some people as the duck hawk. About the size of a crow, the peregrine falcon can swoop down to capture prey at 200 miles per hour! This makes it the fastest animal in the...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Magnificent Peacock Clip-On Ornament
    The peacock's grandeur and stateliness are the reasons for its association with royalty. It was believed to guard the Tree of Life, therefore, kings sat upon thrones decorated with peacock motifs. Additionally, the elegant peacock represents beauty, prosperity, love, compassion...
  • North Pole Ornament Old World Christmas
    North Pole Ornament. This cheerful penguin has made the incredibly long trek halfway around the world to reach the North Pole. Penguins are not native to the North Pole, so this little one had to travel day and night week...
  • Calling Bird Ornament Old World Christmas
    Calling Bird Ornament. Songbirds and the songs they sing bring joy and a hope for the future. Birds call to one another to communicate with other birds. They share information about their location and to warn others of danger. Often...
  • Loving Firefly Ornament Old World Christmas
    Loving Firefly Ornament. This firefly comes bearing a message of most importance: You light up my life. These beetles are also known as forest stars as they light up the dark shadows of the forest with their bioluminescence.  
  • Owl In Moon Ornament Old World Christmas
    The moon casts eerie light on the darkest of nights, but especially on Halloween, so when the sounds of a lonesome owl hooting and screeching break the silence, it can be both beautiful and frightening! Once thought to be the...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Memorial Cardinal Ornament
    Christmas is a special time for families to gather. When a loved one passes on it is difficult to face the holidays without their presence. The Memorial Cardinal ornament was created to honor and recognize the loved ones who have...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Two Turtle Doves Ornament
    In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, Two Turtle Doves symbolize the Old and New Testaments. Years ago, the song served as a secret means of teaching English Catholics the basics of their faith, which was outlawed at the...