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Showing 1–16 of 27 results

Showing 1-16 of 27 items

  • Dept. 56 Dickens' Village Oxford's Tom Tower New 2022
    Tom Tower is the bell tower in Oxford, England and houses the "Great Tom" bell, the loudest bell in the city. The stone tower was designed by Christopher Wren and built in 1681-2, the bell is older than the tower...
  • Dept. 56 Snow Village Holiday Starter Home Retired
    This brand new home is all decked out for the holidays for the very first time and is waiting for the first time homeowners to move in! Let the Christmas traditions begin!  
  • Dept. 56 Snow Village Reindeer Gas Station Retired
    This "full service" station features the rapid red reindeer on the covered entryway letting customers know that their service will be speedy with a friendly smile.      
  • Dept. 56 Halloween Village Rachel's Retreat & Spa
    Even the witches of Witch Hollow deserve a little time for relaxation. They all head to Rachel's Retreat & Spa for the classic wart enhancement and green goo facial.
  • Dept. 56 Dickens' Village St. Pancras Old Church Retired
    "Saint Pancras Old Church" is a parish church in Somers Town, Central London. It is believed to be the oldest site of Christian worship in England and may date back to the 1500s
  • Dept. 56 North Pole Kringles Xmas Tree Gallery Retired
    Kris Kringle has just opened a store where all the different Christmas tree styles are beautifully displayed. He is especially fond of the silver tinsel tree featured in the window. The gallery features a bright red exterior and hanging sign.
  • Dept. 56 Dickens' Village Visiting The Miner's Home
    From Dickens' most popular story, "A Christmas Carol", the Spirit of Christmas Present, appears to Ebenezer dressed in a green velvet robe and together they travel through the city seeing the celebration of Christmas, from the very rich to the...
  • Royal Corps of Drums Retired Dept. 56 Dickens' Village
    This is the 12th piece and final piece for the "Twelfth Night" series in Dickens' Village. The Royal Corps of Drums, also known as "Drums" was originally used as signalers when entering battle. They have been part of the British...
  • Battersea The Dog's Home Dept. 56 Dickens' Village
    Battersea The Dog's Home features Battersea who have been looking after abandoned and unwanted animals since 1860 and is based in South West London.  Each year they care for over 7,000 dogs and cats. It is one of the UK's...
  • Dept. 56 Snow Village Hitching Post Retired
    This Main Street outfitters cannot be mistaken with the ten gallon hat sign and bright red boots featured on the front of the building, and the Western styled wreaths on the windows.      
  • Dept. 56 Queen Anne Revival B&B Retired
    This American Architecture Series introduction has another wonderful tie to our heritage. The sign tells us that this beautiful home has been converted to a Bed and Breakfast, and honors Dept. 56 artist, Ms. Lit Town, Melinda Seegers.  
  • Dept. 56 Alpine Village Opa's Cabin Retired
    In areas of the Rhineland and Scandinavia, grandfather is affectionately called "Opa". "Opa's Cabin" is a nod to all Opas, but it may be a special nod to Heidi's grandfather who surely could have lived here. The traditional Alpine log...
  • Sale!
    Dept. 56 Halloween Village Honey Hive Retired
    Honey is a tasty fall treat and now you can add this sweet roadside stand to your fall display. It features many varieites of fresh harvested honey products. Peeking out from behind are the hives where all the action happens.
  • Dept. 56 Snow Village Lighting the Advent Wreath Retired
    As tradition has it, during the season of Advent, a candle is lit each Sunday marking the weeks before Christmas. The details on this accessory are extraordinary as the candles light the way to an important Christian holiday.    ...
  • Dept. 56 Snow Village It's Good Old Charlie Brown Retired
    "Gosh, Dad. We can make our snowman look just like good ol' Charlie Brown!" This father and son share some time creating our favorite Peanuts' character in snow. They have even added his signature yellow and red scarf.