From mini-figurines and decorations to statues, Jim Shore has a collectible for every person. Each year, Jim Shore adds new artworks to their product line so you can find something perfect to add to your Christmas collection.

Besides Christmas presents, Jim Shore figurines and collectibles make beautiful gifts for weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events.
Jim Shore: Creator of Heartwood Creek® and Disney Traditions™
Jim Shore, the brain behind the exquisite Jim Shore figurines, collectibles, and decorations, was born in a lineage of crafts masters. His grandmother was a professional quilter, his mother was a painter, and his father was a woodworker.

Jim spent his youthful days designing, sculpting, painting, and marketing his artwork creations. In 2001, after years of perfecting his craft, Jim teamed with Enesco to establish Heartwood Creek, the company that made Jim’s work a worldwide phenomenon.

His artwork boasts an attractive color palette and a timeless design drawn from European and American folk art images. The artistic works have won the ICONIC HONORS, an award is given to the world’s best artisans.
Jim Shore Collection
Since 2001, when Jim started Heartwood Creek, his collection has expanded from miniature Santa’s and angels to mini- figurines, Christmas decorations, Disney heaters, statues, and other artwork. Let’s take a look at some popular categories of Jim Shore’s best-selling collectibles.
Disney Traditions
This category of Jim Shore figurines features favorite Disney characters combined with Jim’s handmade folk art. The collection includes Disney’s most loved characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, and Disney Princesses.

Moreover, the Disney Traditions artwork includes characters like Minnie Mouse, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Lilo & Stitch. Handcrafted from durable stone resin, this Disney memorabilia will last for years of family celebrations.
Grinch by Jim Shore
The Grinch collection is composed of visually stunning collectibles with a heartwarming storyline. They are one of the most popular Christmas collectibles; their popularity ranks second after that of Santa, the world’s most famous Christmas collectible.

Jim Shore offers a variety of Grinch collectibles, including the Grinch holding a candy cane, stealing ornaments, and wearing a long scarf. This collectible class features the Grinch artwork holding a large blinking heart, presents, or wreath ornaments.

The Christmas artwork features attractive design motifs borrowed from ancient American and European Folk art to elicit a sense of nostalgia.
Gnomes Around the World
Regarded as symbols of good luck, Jim Shore’s campy and cartoonish gnomes make great Christmas gifts for collectors who want to appreciate the customs and symbols of various countries around the world.

Jim Shore handcrafted these collectibles from high-quality stone resin, beautified with attractive quilt patterns and traditional themes to induce nostalgic emotions.

Each gnome has distinct features that identify it with the country it represents. For instance, the German gnome’s hat has decorations from the country’s flag, while the Canadian gnome holds a marble leaf flag.
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek
Each piece of Heartwood Creek celebrates important milestones, people, and events. For instance, on the 20th anniversary, Santa celebrates 20 years of togetherness, and the angel holding flowers celebrates motherhood, birthdays, and Christmas.

Similar to other Jim Shore figurines, Heartwood Creek collectibles have stunning folk art and a quilting look. They are valuable gifts for loved ones celebrating anniversaries, a baby’s first Christmas, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions.

The Heartwood Creek selection boasts exquisite collectibles like the African Santa, American Nutcracker Ornament, Baltimore oriole, Bereavement angel, and Bluebird on a branch. Each collectible is designed for various occasions.
Peanuts by Jim Shore
Jim Shore’s Peanuts collectibles feature beloved characters from the American comic strip Peanuts, the longest story ever told. The comic was published in over 2600 magazines and read by over 355 million people worldwide.

In this category of collectibles, collectors find the artwork of Snoopy wearing a heart sign, riding a scooter, flying an ace plane, and standing in flowers, Mini-Snoopy artwork as a mummy, and Santa Snoopy in a dog bowl.

Jim Shore’s intricately designed Peanut collectibles celebrate friendship, birthdays, Christmas, and special holidays.
Rudolph Traditions
The Rudolph Traditions artwork features the fictional red-nosed reindeer next to popular art like Santa, lamp posts, Christmas trees, and horse ornaments. Rudolph traditions artwork features Jim Shore’s signature quilting style and folk art.

Jim Shore figurines and ornaments will lift your Christmas mood! Use them to decorate Christmas trees or gift them to friends and family during the festive season. You can also grow your personal collection of Christmas memorabilia.

The Christmas decorations include:

the artwork of Rudolph ice skating
rocking an aviator hat
driving a red pickup
standing beside a Christmas tree
wearing a Santa suit
wearing a horse ornament

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