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Dash Away Anniversary Edition Santa
Dash Away Anniversary Edition Santa features Santa in a detailed...
Woodland Majesty Santa Moose Jim Shore
Woodland Majesty Santa Moose features Santa dressed in regal white...
Winter Welcome, One And All Angel Jim Shore
Winter Welcome, One and All Angel features an enchanting angel...
Purple Skull Day Of The Dead By Jim Shore
Purple Skull Day Of The Dead features this fantastic Purple...

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History of St. Nicks

The history of St.Nick’s goes back to 1976, when it was a small store with a carefully selected array of merchandise. It was known then for featuring work from Colorado artisans, and we’re pleased that local artists remain a source for many items we currently carry. St. Nick’s has grown into a much larger family-owned business — in fact, it now encompasses 22 rooms and is one of the largest stores of its kind in America. However, we never forget that our roots are closely aligned with the Littleton area, and we are deeply grateful to all our customers who have helped us thrive.

Our family’s goal is to help your family build upon its own traditions. After all, the Christmas season is made joyous and gorgeous with its celebration of peace and love — and we strive to make sure that each of your seasonal celebrations becomes better than the last. St. Nick’s seeks to bring limitless beauty into the world, and our store is filled with items from Europe, America, and every part of the globe. Each of them is wondrous, and people now come from locations near and far to celebrate Christmas with us.

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