Old World Christmas ornaments make for a treasured, timeless addition to any Christmas tree. The gorgeous glass ornaments from Old World Christmas come in every imaginable style and design, ranging from classic Christmas themes to sweet and even silly ones.

Every year, our collection of Old World Christmas tree ornaments expands to include the brand’s latest debuts, so you can always continue to grow your beloved collection.
About Old World Christmas
As America’s number-one creator of mouth-blown, hand-painted glass ornaments, Old World Christmas has become a staple in holiday home decor. Countless families have one or more ornaments by Old World Christmas in their collection, and many have handed down the ornaments for generations.

Since 1979, Old World Christmas has provided Christmas enthusiasts with a virtually limitless selection of stunning, handmade ornaments options. Every glass ornament is made using traditional techniques, harkening back to the 1800s.

Molten-hot glass is carefully mouth-blown into molds that have been carefully carved, created exclusively for Old World Christmas – which means you won’t find these designs anywhere else! Then, heated liquid silver is poured into the mold. Once hardened, the ornament can then be hand-painted by Old World Christmas artists and glittered to add that signature sparkle.
The World’s Largest Selection of Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments
So, how many designs are made by Old World Christmas? Many people might guess a few hundred different proprietary designs, but the brand has completed over 1,400 exclusive ornament styles and counting!

From beautifully traditional to delightful whimsical, there is an Old World Christmas ornament for every person, occasion, and holiday style. And at St. Nick’s Christmas & Collectibles, you’ll find hundreds of Old World Christmas designs.
Choose Old World Christmas Ornaments for Your Holiday Home
Whether you’re adding to a growing collection or buying your first ornament from Old World Christmas, there is no shortage of styles. Here are just a few of our favorites to inspire you to trim your holiday tree with lovely, blown glass style.
Santa Ornaments
Every Christmas tree needs an ornament inspired by the jolly man in red, and Old World Christmas has created a fun variety of Santa ornament designs. You’ll find several options for a traditional, European-style Father Christmas, a golf cart Santa ornament, retro Santa ornaments, and even Santa enjoying hobbies like fishing, Irish dancing, and riding a motorcycle.
Snowmen Ornaments
Old World Christmas has entire snow families to adorn your tree if it’s snowmen-themed ornaments that warm your holiday heart. Some popular styles include the expectant mother-to-be snowlady, the patriotic snowman, and the snowman on a pool float that looks straight out of paradise.
Nativity & Religious Ornaments
There are many different blown glass nativity and religious ornaments from Old World Christmas for a traditional, faith-based holiday. Browse options such as an Our Lady of Guadalupe ornament, the Holy Family, and even a golden menorah for homes that celebrate multiple faiths.
Food-Themed Ornaments
Pay homage to your favorite snacks and sweets with blown glass food ornaments – they’re fun, colorful, and often humorous! With a variety of food and drink ornaments, including a pina colada, corn dog, deviled egg, and a good-enough-to-eat ice cream cone, there’s something to satisfy your appetite for adorable holiday ornaments.
Animal-Themed Ornaments
Need a pet-themed Christmas ornament? Or maybe you have someone that wants an ornament representing their favorite bird, animal, or dinosaur! Old World Christmas has crafted tons of pet ornaments, wild animal ornaments, and more, so you can honor all your furry, feathered, and finned friends.
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