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  • Referee Shirt Ornament Old World Christmas
    Referees are tasked with enforcing the rules of sports, including sportsmanship. Often wearing a black and white striped shirt, this help set them apart from the athletes playing the game. While many times, referees are not popular among sports fans,...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Basketball Hoop Ornament
    Swish! Basketball was invented in 1891 by a physical education teacher looking for a safer activity than football. For over 100 years, the sport has been drawing people in to play and watch. Children around the world practice for hours...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Basketball Ornament
    This glass Basketball ornament makes a great gift for any sports enthusiast. It was carefully mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot solution of liquid silver was poured inside. Finally, the ornament was delicately hand-painted with brightly colored...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Coach's Whistle Ornament
    A coach s influence does not stop when the game ends. Coaches shape character and integrity for life by teaching athletes how to manage emotions, perseverance, resilience and conquering fears. The Coach s Whistle ornament makes a great gift for...
  • Exclamation Sport Ball Ornaments
    Exclamation Sport Ball Ornaments features Team sports with sport balls, shoes and popular exclamations. Basketball Nothin' But Net!, Soccer Score!, Football Touch Down! or Baseball Home Run!. Celebrate the athlete on your list or use as a unique team gift. If you...
  • S'mores Team Sport Ornaments
    S'mores Team Sport Ornaments are a great gift for the team.  Sold individually choose from Soccer, Basketball, Football or Baseball
  • Basketball Backboard Ornament Personalized
    Basketball Backboard Ornament Personalized.   Basketball is one of the top sports for participation!  This ornament features the backboard with a banner to add your favorite players name.  A fun and unique team gift!  Personalize for a unique gift.
  • Basketball Dunk Personalized Ornament Two Styles
    Basketball Dunk Personalized Ornament! Choose your style and add the name to the banner with the date. Personalize for free!    
  • Basketball "Slam Dunk" Ornament Personalized
    This "Slam Dunk" ornament is a great way to celebrate the Basketball player in your family. It features "Slam Dunk" in white with gold stars, basketball and dangling shoes.  Personalize for a unique gift.
  • Sports Stars Ornaments Personalized Football
    These Sports Stars Ornaments features a Football, Baseball, Soccer Ball, Basketball, Ice Hockey Puck or a Golf Club.  All have a gold star. There is ample room to personalize this ornament. If you are not able to add your selection...
  • Super Star Sport Ornaments Personalize
     These Super Star Sport Ornaments feature a field with the equipment and a white star.  The perfect gift for the whole team!   Select basketball, football or baseball. If you are unable to add your selection to your cart it...