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Showing 1–16 of 169 results

Showing 1-16 of 169 items

  • Polar Zephyr Garland HeARTfully Yours™
    The Polar Zephyr Garland by HeARTfully Yours™ is a stunning example of a delicate blown glass garland.  Each little train car features unique artistry.  This is a retired piece. Released 2022 Retired
  • Tinsel Candy Cane Freestanding Decoration
    This 3 foot un-lit red and white tinsel candy cane is a fun and festive addition to any home or office holiday décor. This red and white candy cane features a red and white tinsel peppermint design and stands 3...
  • Sale!
    Red Jingle Bell XL
    This Red Jingle Bell XL features an extra large painted red metal jingle bell.  Add this jingle bell anywhere you need an oversized decoration.  Looks great on high ceilings.
  • Red Nylon Outdoor Bow Four Sizes
    These red bows are perfect for the outdoors.  Made of durable Red Nylon they are ready to adorn your wreaths or garlands.  
  • Vintage Shapes Bead Garland
    Vintage Shapes Bead Garland features glass beads in vintage shapes including reflector.  The colors are reminiscent of the Christmas colors of the past.  At six feet this garland is stunning.  Add this to your tinsel tree for a touch of...
  • Holly Leaf Ball Garland
    Holly Leaf Ball Garland.  This Garland features lightly glittered holly leaves for a touch of sparkle.  The colorful balls are different sizes in red, green and gold with a mix of matte and shiny balls.  Mix this in with your...
  • Coated Cast Jingle Bell Two Sizes
    These extra large Coated Cast Jingle Bells are the perfect addition to your holiday decor. These delightful bells will immerse you in the Christmas spirit!
  • Jeweled Tone Crystal Garland
    Jeweled Tone Crystal Garland.  This colorful jewel toned chain of crystals is an amazing ten feet!  Can easily be separated into the perfect length for all of your crafting and decorating needs.  Perfect for larger trees and garlands.  String through...
  • Tinsel Stretch Silver - Gold 525 Ribbon
    For a sparkly touch in your tree this ribbon adds to your holiday decor.  Tuck it throughout your tree or use in wreaths and garlands for a decorator look.
  • Metallic Back Velvet Ribbon 4
    Metallic Back Velvet Ribbon features a wide velvet ribbon in a wide size for all projects.  This red ribbon is backed with metallic silver for an elegant look.  Add to wreaths, garland or to your tree.  
  • Faux Fur Birch Look Ribbon 4
    Faux Fur Birch Look Ribbon 4".  This elegant ribbon mixes streaks of gold with white faux fur.  A perfect finishing touch to a wreath filled with pinecones.  Add to all of your cabin or lodge decor for a special touch...
  • Glass Bead Colorful Garland
    Glass Bead Colorful Garland features round glass beads in green, red, blue and gold.  The beads are two sizes.  The colors are reminiscent of the Christmas colors of the past.  At six feet this garland perfect for trees.  Add this...
  • Crown Velvet Lavender Violet Ribbon
    Crown Velvet Lavender Violet Ribbon has the feel of luxury in a unique color.  Stunning for all purposes.  Add to your wreath, garlands or tree for a decorator look.  The metallic back reflects light and adds extra sparkle.
  • Ridged Diamond Stripe Mercury Look Ball Ornament
    A fun addition to any decor this ball features a unique Red, White and Silver Diamond design that replicates Mercury without the fragility.  
  • Multi Color Striped Mercury Look Ball Ornaments
    A fun addition to any decor these balls feature a unique and colorful design that replicates Mercury without the fragility.  
  • Outdoor Red Velvet with Gold Trim Ribbon
    For your outdoor needs this red velvet ribbon with a gold edge makes a colorful and festive display when added to your wreaths, lamposts or railings.  
  • Vintage Shapes Bead Garland