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Showing 1–16 of 66 results

Showing 1-16 of 66 items

  • Twelve Days Of Christmas Ball Ornaments
    Twelve Days Of Christmas Ball Ornaments features glittery gold accents, each with a design for one of the 12 days of Christmas as described in the classic song. Features red ball ornaments with glittery gold accents, including a large number...
  • 12 Days Of Christmas Disc Ornaments
    12 Days Of Christmas Disc Ornaments feature twelve glass ornaments delicately adorned with paintings representing Twelve Days of Christmas. Each one with its own pop of color and quirky design with the corresponding number on the back.
  • Groovy Submarine Ornament Old World Christmas
    Groovy Submarine Ornament.   Submarines were built and used during the American Civil War. They are used for a variety of non-military purposes including salvage missions, deep sea exploration, and marine exploration. Some submarines are able to remain underwater for...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Joy To The World Ornament
    Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Let Earth receive her king. This song tells the story of and the true meaning of Christmas. One can almost hear heaven and angels sing this beautiful song as the ornament is...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Comedy And Tragedy Ornament
    The Comedy & Tragedy masks have symbolized the theater for decades and originate from Greek theater. Actors wore masks with exaggerated expressions so people sitting far off could see the character s emotions. The masks also allowed actors to play...
  • Christmas Mixtape Ornament Old World Christmas
    Christmas Mixtape Ornament. In the 1980's and 1990's people spent hours compiling the perfect mix tape playlist and then more hours were poured into listening for the songs on the radio so they could be recorded. What songs are on...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Marching Band Ornament
    Nothing gets school spirit revved up more than the rousing fight song, performed by the marching band! Whether at a pep rally, half-time show or in a parade, the marching band and charismatic drum line are certain to please the...
  • Gold Tenor Saxophone Ornament
    Size: 4.25 Inches Material: Metal
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Director's Board Ornament
    When making films, a Director's Board, or clapboard, is used to help align the sound with the film. Combined with a chalkboard for the details of the next take, the clapboard is filmed briefly at the start of the take...
  • Elvis Presley® In Pink Suit Ornament
    Elvis Presley® In Pink Suit Ornament. The King is featured here in a pink suite with a black glittered shirt and white glittered shoes. He is holding a guitar with glittered accents.
  • Grateful Dead™ Guitar With Black Case Ornament
    Bring the fun of the Grateful Dead™ to any holiday or theme party décor with this Grateful Dead™ guitar with black case ornament.  This ornament features a classic wooden acoustic guitar in a black case, complete with the Grateful Dead™...
  • Grateful Dead™ Bus Glass Ornament
    This Grateful Dead™ glass bus ornament features a classic tour bus design with iconic Grateful Dead™ dancing bears. A special ornament for the Grateful Dead™ fan in your family!  
  • Grateful Dead™ Glass Disc Ornament
    Grateful Dead™ Glass Disc Ornament features a deep blue disc with the Grateful Dead™ skull and roses.  Add this unique ornament to your Grateful Dead™.  
  • Red Electric Guitar Ornament Old World Christmas
    The Electric Guitar was developed in the 1930's and firmly established the following decade with Gibson, Fender and Les Paul all offering their own models. Working to eliminate feedback with a solid wooden body, the sound was amplified electrically. In...
  • Banjo Ornament Old World Christmas
    The Banjo probably evolved from African string instruments, which lead to the development of the modern banjo in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The Banjo has a distinctive sound associated with bluegrass, country and folk music styles.