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  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Astronaut Ornament
    On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, 4 days after Apollo 11 was launched. They spent about 3 hours on the surface, gathered rock and dirt samples, planted an American flag and left a...
  • Old World Christmas Blown Glass Planet Earth Ornament
    This big blue marble is home to 7.6 billion humans and even more types of animal species. As the third planet from the sun, we have an atmosphere that supports our wide variety of life. We are just a small...
  • Love Wins Sign Ornament
    Love Wins Sign Ornament.  Features from top to bottom, signs in the pride colors with the words Love, Respect, Freedom, Tolerance, Equality and Pride, attached to a globe with a "Love Wins" heart dangle. This Pride sign ornament is an...
  • Mini Elf Ornament Old World Christmas
    This Mini Elf Ornament has big details in a little ornament. This little Elf features one of Santa's favorite elves dressed for the season! 
  • Mini Planet Earth Ornament Old World Christmas
    This Mini Planet Earth Ornament has big details in a little ornament. This little Planet Earth ornament features Earth with glittery details.
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