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Pickle Ornament Game

Pickle Ornament Game


Six special pickles, not one is the same, it should be hidden in the tree for a fun Christmas game! Is it big, is it little? Does it say number two? Your family must decide how this game is won. For the goal of the Pickle Ornaments Game is to create a fun way to choose who should open the first gift on Christmas Day!



Glass, Iron, 1.5″W, 4″H

Find the pickles; everyone searches until all six of the glass Christmas pickles are found! When it’s time for presents, randomly choose a number from one to six. Roll a dice or draw number from a hat! Whoever is holding a pickle with the matching number gets to open a present! Continue until every pickle has been chosen! Be creative and invent new ways to play each year!

Additional information

amount to replace
twelve days
family member
ornament location
ornament style
oz size
package size
wire color
colorado item
cord color
choose width
battery size
choose grinch style
choose amount of clips
choose animal
choose character
choose color
choose color cross
choose design
choose function
choose gnome
choose height and width
choose toy style
choose ornament
choose ornaments
choose santa
choose size
choose sport
choose stocking
choose style
choose styles


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