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Dec. 24th Heartfully Yours™ by Christopher Radko

Dec. 24th Heartfully Yours™ by Christopher Radko


Dec. 24th Heartfully Yours™ by Christopher Radko features Santa ready for Christmas Eve with a bag full of presents and a sparkly Teddy Bear.

Released 2022 Retired



  • Released 2022 Retired
  • 7″
  • Blown Glass

HeARTfully Yours™ by Christopher Radko

You are heartedly welcomed to artist/author Mr. Christopher Radko’s first in fifteen years new and only collection of glorious all season and holiday art glass ornaments. These creations are exclusively made in Europe — in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Italy. Mr. Radko developed these 2022 designs working with 9 cottage workshops he personally selected. These workshops keep the olden 19th century traditions of glassmaking alive, with the mom and dad still involved and the kids helping out. Each creation still takes 7 days to make! We hope you will enjoy these new designs, and let these works of heART be part of your family’s tradition for years to come.

Though artist/author Mr. Radko has been creating legacy ornament designs since 1986, his new HeARTfully Yours™ collection goes that extra mile by donating a percentage of his profits to causes important to his heart. These include heart disease, in honor of his mom who passed from heart causes. Also included are breast cancer, in memory of Anna, his sister who succumbed to breast cancer, AIDS research in memory of Jimmy Odom, Mr. Radko’s first and best ever sales rep, and finally, food insecurity, because no one should ever have to go to bed hungry. This way, Mr. Radko is able to keep the giving and heART of Christmas alive all year long.

Neither Mr. Radko nor HeARTfully Yours™ is in any way associated with the trademarked registered brand Christopher Radko® which is owned by Rauch Industries. HeARTfully Yours™ is Mr. Radko’s first, and only, design collection in 15 years.



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