Christmas Decor Trends for 2022

Christmas Decor Trends for 2022

Christmas Decor Trends for 2022

For most of us, decorating for Christmas is a beloved holiday tradition – but for 2022, why not try out some creative holiday décor trends to make this year more fun and festive than ever? 

Maybe you want to add a few trendy touches to your seasonal décor, or maybe you’re ready for a fresh new look for Christmas 2022. With the latest Christmas décor trends for 2022, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your holiday home. And as the unofficial experts in all things holly and jolly, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite 2022 holiday trends to help you get started. 

2022 Christmas Décor Trends

1. Going green with natural foliage and greenery

Gorgeous greenery was a major player in last year’s holiday trends, and it’s going to keep going strong through 2022. When it comes to holiday greenery, don’t be afraid to go big – as far as this trend is concerned, more is better!

Depending on your style, you can stick with classic greenery garlands and wreaths for an on-trend but understated look. But there’s really never been a better time to go over the top with holiday greenery, so don’t hesitate to reimagine how you decorate with cedar, pine, eucalyptus, and other natural foliage elements. And of course, to keep your greenery looking perfectly fresh year after year, invest in high-quality faux garlands and wreaths for the ultimate in zero-maintenance décor.

Consider starting with a beautifully simple cedar garland, then enhancing it by intertwining it with a complementary garland to add extra volume and drama. Eucalyptus introduces lovely shades of green, as well as a distinct shape and texture. Or, you can create something glamourous by pairing your cedar greenery with a glittering garland

2. Lighting up the holiday spirit with LED fairy lights, pre-lit trees, and more

The newest lighting technology has made it incredibly easy to add sparkle wherever you’d like, without ever needing to wrestle with another tangled mess of holiday lights again. For 2022, look for lights showing up in new and creative ways, both indoors and out. 

Lights with built-in options to change color and add movement will be more popular than ever, especially the “meteor shower” and curtain/cascade-style lights. Christmas tree lights are going beyond the usual white or colorful bulbs – though those will never go out of style – and branching out into oversized, color-changing globe lights, multicolor LEDs, and even lights shaped like avocados!

 Making the season special with personalized holiday décor

One of the best parts of decorating for Christmas is unpacking all of the sentimental ornaments and decorations you’ve loved for years, the items that are truly meaningful to you and your family. For 2022, personalized Christmas ornaments and décor can become your newest favorite tradition (or maybe one that you’ve been carrying on for years!).

Each and every family member can find a personalized ornament to add to the tree, especially with options that include ornaments inspired by sports, hobbies, life milestones, TV and film, and anything else you can imagine. 

4. Spreading holiday cheer with Christmas trees in more than one room

You’ve probably placed your Christmas tree in the same room in your home for years, where it’s been the hub of holiday fun for quite some time. But have you ever thought about how to decorate kids’ rooms for Christmas? Or what about extending the festivities to the entryway, a study, or even a playroom?

More and more people are welcoming multiple Christmas trees into their homes, and we expect to see that trend really take off in 2022. Consider a petite tree decorated with soft felt ornaments in a kid-friendly space, and a more formal, elegant tree in the dining room where you’ll enjoy Christmas dinner. Even tabletop trees can make a stylish statement when placed atop a desk, sofa table, or another surface and decorated with care.

Spruce Up Your Holiday Style with Christmas Décor from St. Nick’s

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