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Andrea Cammans Adds a Personal Touch at St. Nick’s 2

Originally from Southern California, Andrea Cammans has now become a longtime Colorado resident who has been working at St. Nick’s for twelve years. She began working as a Seasonal Cashier at a former location in Park Meadows Mall when one of the owners took note of her handwriting. It was elegant and had a distinctive flair and, thus, it was decided that her talent as a calligrapher could be put to use personalizing St. Nick’s ornaments. And, as the adage goes, the rest is history.

Andrea has become a favorite “go-to” person for shoppers who want ornaments given a special touch for friends, family members, colleagues — or, of course, themselves. She notes, “Some people come in every single season and get an ornament personalized. If they miss a year, sometimes they’ll backtrack and fill in a gap.” Her work also serves as a permanent reminder of children’s interests and infatuations. “I’ve seen parents and teenagers disagree over whether or not a youngster enjoyed ‘Transformers’ and the ornament tells the story,” she laughs.

She also points out that nearly everything in the store can be personalized. “Nutcrackers are a great example. But about 90-percent of everything we sell can be personalized.” Ms. Cammans then opened a drawer and offered a splendid sample of her work. It was perfectly inscribed with the date and personal information. It was impeccably done, of course. And Andrea is as affable a sales associate as anyone could wish for — so come by St. Nick’s and let her demonstrate her skills.

Personalized gifts are an ideal way to make people feel special and, after all, that’s what the holidays are all about. That’s why St. Nick’s invites you to “Come feel the magic!” Andrea is ready and willing to help you with your gift list!

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  1. I am a local realtor and I have my ornaments personalized every year for all of clients that I have assisted in finding a new home. This small gesture is always a hit and very much appreciated. The Elves will even put the individual addresses on each home ornament that I find. St. Nick’s has an awesome selection! Thank you so much!

    Marge James
  2. Can we order online and get them personalized? We moved to NC and have nothing like St Nicks here

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