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Hints & Tips for Trees

Hanging Christmas Lights Clipart


1)Choosing an Artificial Tree

2)Basic Tips on Assembling your Tree

3) Tree Warranty

#1 Choosing  an Artificial Tree

Artificial trees come on a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Traditional, full styles have been joined by slim trees with a narrow profile that are excellent for entryways, smaller spaces and apartments. Every height from table top to 12′ tall can be found. Measure and consider the space you have and the children and pets in your home. Artificial trees are a good value. When properly stored and cared for, they will bring beauty to your setting for many years.

# 2 Basic Tips On Assembling Your Artificial Tree

Basic Needs:

Long sleeved shirt, 1 or 2 extension cords (6′-9′), Power strip/surge protector 400-joule or higher, vaseline, your favorite holiday drink!

1. Open box carefully (save for future storage).

2. Locate and assemble the stand.

3. Locate the bottom section of the tree (lubricate each section and stand with vaseline before assembly for easy disassembly). Put this section in the stand.

4. Pre-lit trees/using an extension cord: Plug in this section before shaping. Begin to shape (refer to shaping tips that came with the tree). Shaping each section independently is much easier. Be sure to leave the lights on while shaping- in case you come across a lose or broken bulb you can fix it much easier this way.

5. Move this section with the stand to the location where the tree will be up for the season.

6. Pre-test next pre-lit section prior to assembly. Proceed along with tree top as most artificial trees 10′ and under are divided into 3 sections. (tree top, middle, and base).

7. Run a 6′ to 9′ extension cord to the mid-level point to plug in the lights for pre-lit or old fashioned lighting (BE SURE TO PLUG ALL POWER CONNECTIONS INTO A MULTI-OUTLET POWER BOX WITH SURGE PROTECTION).

8. Final Shaping – some music, your favorite drink and away you go!


#3 Tree Warranty

St. Nicks does not warranty the trees you buy from us. They are however covered under their manufacturer warranty. For a Santas Own Tree you can register your warranty here


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