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Decorating Your Tree

Colorful Snowflake Ornament  Row


1) Adding Colored Balls

2) Selecting Ornaments

3) Placing Ornaments

4) Garlands

#1 Adding Colored Balls

Basic glass balls are the mainstay of any tree and help establish color and shine. To begin, fill the interior of your tree with dominant-colored balls to create a sense of depth and fill empty spaces. Smaller, lighter-colored balls should be placed toward the outer edges of the tree branches for shine and sparkle.

#2 Selecting Ornaments

A Christmas tree will look its best with a unified theme. If your ornament collection doesn’t already have a theme, it is easy to establish one.

Repetition is one key to developing a theme. This can be as simple as decorating with ornaments wither of the same color, shapes or textures. Adding garlands, swags, flowers or bows of ribbon in one color pattern is another way to create a theme. In general, select one motif for your theme and start collecting: religious, juvenile, natural, Santa, Snowman or country.

#3 Placing Ornaments

Lighted or animated ornaments that plug into a bulb socket should be placed early in the process since they require a position within reach of the light cord. Only use 4 per set of 50 lights to avoid undue strain on the strands current and prevent premature burnout of lights.

Establish balance for your tree by putting the most dominant group or largest number of similar ornaments on first. Each size, shape, texture and color should be distributed over the entire tree. Hang larger or more dominant ornaments in lower branches for overall balance. Also, place these ornaments first to take advantage of larger openings.

Your ornaments will look better if they hang suspended rather than touching branches. Also try clustering several ornaments for dramatic effect: combine different colors, sizes, or shapes together on one ornament hook or tie them together with ribbon. Place the clusters symmetrically throughout the tree. bend or move branches as needed to accommodate your choices.

#4 Garlands

Choose garlands that compliment your ornament theme and colors. From ribbons, popcorn, pinecones and florals to basic beads, there are dozens of ways to add distinctive touches to your tree.

Don’t limit yourself to using a single strand or type of garland. Try twisting several strands and types together to create a fuller, more interesting look on your tree. For a more formal look, hang similar ornaments, bows, artificial flowers or fruit at the peak of each swag of garland.

To swag (drape) garland, begin at the back of the tree along the bottom. Twist or hook the garland to a branch tip, then swag the garland gracefully from branch tip to branch tip. Use 12″ to 20″ swag swags, depending on the width of the tree. Let the swag fall freely and naturally. Continue around the tree. On the back side of the tree, either cut off a length or secure the garland swag end as you move up the tree. The more uniform the swag, the more formal the look. To double-swag, start your swag with two strands and allow one strand to hang lower than the other while coming together at the next swag point.



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