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New Ways to Celebrate The Days of the Dead Leave a comment

From October 31 though November 1, it’s customary in many cultures to celebrate the entire circle of life by being mindful of those who have passed on before us. This festival reminds us that death is not to be feared; in fact, it can become a celebration of remembrance and reflection — and a renewed commitment to live life fully.

In many homes, altars are set up with photographs of beloved relatives, flowers, sweet treats, and even beverages. Whether you opt to set up a full-blown altar or just want a few Days of the Dead celebratory items in your home, St Nick’s is here to help you select your own decorative pieces. We have skull-motif items, including lights, ornaments, pillows — and more. Whether you invite friends for a festive gathering or just want to enjoy a meditative moment, St. Nick’s has carefully selected items that will make this holiday meaningful— and beautiful.

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