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Halloween is Just Around the Corner — and Trees Aren’t Just for Christmas! Leave a comment

The roots of Halloween originated with Celtic festivals marking the end of the harvest season and the start of a new year. Centuries later, the tradition was continued in the form of “All Hallows’ Eve.” However, as we all know, it has now become a time to engage in festive gatherings at friends’ homes in search of sweet treats and revelry.

To help you celebrate the season, St. Nick’s has plenty of items that can help you welcome family and neighbors in style. Namely, we have small black trees that come pre-lit with either white or orange round G40 bulbs. These trees set the tone for a party and they are perfect just as they are or festooned with plenty of theme-oriented ornaments.

They are an easy way to create a mood that’s bold and dramatic — and not only are they pre-lit, they’re situated in a tasteful urn. All you need to do is relax and wait to welcome guests. Or you can select ornaments that accentuate your Halloween theme. St. Nick’s has mummies, skulls, Jack O’Lantern ornaments, and much more — including witch and skeleton dolls.

Come by and let your imagination take flight.

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