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A decoration for Christmas from another culture

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Many of us are well-versed in American Christmas traditions, more than a few of which actually have origins in countries across the globe. But have you ever been curious to see what type of Christmas décor can be found in holiday homes outside of the U.S.?

This year, we’re celebrating the beauty and spirit of Christmas worldwide with a diverse collection of holiday décor from around the world. A few of these may already be longtime family favorites, or perhaps they’re all entirely new discoveries for you – regardless, we hope you bring home some happy holiday inspiration from these international Christmas décor ideas.

Thomas Glenn Ornaments: Poland

At first glance, you can immediately tell that every ornament by Thomas Glenn is incredibly special. Each of the bulb-style ornaments is mouth-blown and handcrafted by skilled Polish artists, intended to be treasured heirlooms for generations to come. The brand was launched in 2002 when the founder was visiting Poland and realized he was struggling to find ornaments that suited his style. After deciding to design his own ornaments, Thomas Glenn stayed in Poland to learn the time-honored tradition of mouth-blowing glass.

Many Thomas Glenn ornaments feature unusual color palettes, as well as glitter that is a part of the design (rather than applied on top of it). His various collections span from ones inspired by florals, tattoos, and mid-century modern design to those based on the iconic Faberge eggs.

Christopher Radko Ornaments: Poland

Another ornament collection hailing from Poland, Christopher Radko originals are among the most widely-recognized styles in the industry. The legendary creator got his start when his family’s holiday tree tipped over, destroying their beloved collection of vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments. He was inspired to create his own, enlisting highly-skilled Polish glassblowers to make handheld works of art.

Radko is famous as the inventor of Shiny Brite™ ornaments, a vintage style that has seen a major resurgence in recent years. His ornaments have hung on the trees of famous names such as Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Taylor, and Elton John.

Fontanini Nativities: Italy

Fontanini is considered one of Italy’s most respected nativity makers, with the nativity itself representing an important Italian Christmas tradition. In Italy, Christmas tends to be a far more religious holiday rather than a secular one, and the majority of Italian Christmas décor reflects that belief.

The nativities by Fontanini began in the early 1900s, led by a figurine painter who was starting his own business in a small Tuscan town. Today, every Fontanini nativity is still crafted by the country’s most skilled sculptors and crafters – many of whom are a part of the fourth generation of the Fontanini family.

Steinbach Nutcrackers & Smokers: Germany

If you’ve ever seen a traditional nutcracker or German smoker by Steinbach, then you already know that they make for a charming addition to any home’s holiday décor. It’s impossible not to smile at the wooden nutcrackers and smokers, especially because they come in so many styles.

The Steinbach smokers are designed to be paired with small incense cones. When lit, each of the small, wood-carved characters emit small puffs of smoke for a fun effect. The Steinbach name has a history that goes back more than two centuries into Christmas past, making them both a German and a worldwide icon.

Ne’Qwa Art Ornaments: China

The Ne’Qwa Art ornaments represent a longstanding tradition in China, carried on by generations of artisans who spend years perfecting their craft. Each ornament is carefully hand-blown; then, using a special technique, painted from the inside for a stunning result. The colors are vibrant, and every last detail is precisely depicted, and the ornaments are truly something you’ll likely treasure forever.

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