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A Little About St. Nicks 2

St. Nick’s Christmas Store has been owned by the Sealy family since 1976 and has deep ties to the Littleton area. Like all families, we have our own Christmas rituals and we love to help other families enhance their own seasonal traditions. Each year we welcome friends and relatives into our homes and it becomes an occasion for reminiscing and introducing children and grandchildren into our own ways of celebrating the holidays.

Just yesterday a file of family recipes surfaced and vows were made to make cookies, cakes, and mulled beverages in the ways they have been prepared for generations. And we always include you, our customers, in holiday events and treats. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for turning St. Nick’s into one of the largest Christmas stores in the nation.

Serving you is never just a transaction. It’s a privilege — and yet another tradition that we cherish. Come by the store any day of the year and witness what so many of our friends and customers call “their happy place.”

Welcoming you is always a pleasure. In fact, stop by during our Annual Holiday Open House on November 3 -5 and enjoy a cup of our Aspen Mulled Cider. We’ll offer you a gratis ornament!

With gratitude,

Sue & Ira Sealy and Shawn & Nicole Sealy



  1. St. Nicks has always been my families favorite store. In fact we moved to Nebraska several years ago and I would make a trip every fall just to visit St. Nicks. We’ve recently moved back to the Denver area and I plan on doing most of my Christmas shopping at St. Nicks this Christmas. Thanks for the great memories St. Nicks. Debbie K

    1. Thank you so much for including us in your Christmas traditions. We can’t wait to see you next time you’re in Denver.

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