Ornamotion Twirl-It Ornament Spinner

Ornamotion Twirl-It Ornament Spinner


The Twirl-it Motor Pigtails are a fun, unique way to add motion to your Christmas tree! Each pigtail easily plugs into any incandescent 35, 50, or 100 light set. To hang and twirl your favorite Christmas tree ornament, take off a light bulb from your light set so the Twirl-It can be put inside it. Place any ornament on the hook of the Twirl-It for a spinning motion. When the lights are turned on, the Twirl-It spins the attached ornament.

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  • Made of plastic, electrical parts, metal, and wire
  • Works with any incandescent set of 35, 50, or 100 lights
  • Not to be used with LED lights
  • Turn on lights to activate
  • Item Size: 2-inches tall

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