Kingston Spruce Slim LED Color Changing

Kingston Spruce Slim LED Color Changing


This Kingston Spruce Slim RGB tree has a lot of surprises!  With a multi funtion remote and many possibilites you can change light colors, patterns and even the brightness of these lights!  

SizeTree Light CountTree WidthTree Tip CountPrice
9′950 RGB65”38841109.95
7.5′528 RGB47”1909799.95





 7.5′ with RGB LED Color Changing Lights with Multi Function Remote

  • Width – 47″
  • Tip count – 1909
  • Lights – 528 LED RGB  – T5

9′ with RGB LED Color Changing Lights with Multi Function Remote

  • Width – 65″
  • Tip count – 
  • Lights – 950 LED RGB  – T5


  • Steady ON with eight colors on a color ring
  • Dimmer:  25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • Col-Fun:  10 Patterns working with the color ring
  • Fun(+) / Fun (-):   Switch within 22 functions
  • Multi Col  & White:  Switch within 17 functions
  • Slo-Go :  Switch within 10 functions


  • Place in plug – electricity is supplied through the center pole eliminating the need for extentsion cords 
  • This Tree features fire retardant PVC  branches.
  • Industry BEST one piece hinged branch construction
  • Branches are strong enough to hold even the largest ornaments
  • Almost hidden decorator wrapped light cords
  • Sturdy Metal Folding Tree Stand
  • 5ft cord length
  • Some assembly required
  • Comes in multiple sections for easy setup
  • Packed in reusable cardboard carton
  • UL Listed Light sets
  • Indoor use only
  • Features an on/off foot switch


  • 10 Season Tree Construction, 3 season on Light Construction
  • Light bulbs are not warrantied



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