Kingston Spruce Christmas Tree

Kingston Spruce Christmas Tree


The Kingston Spruce Christmas Tree is a realistic tree with full, well spaced branches so it can accommodte all of your favorite ornaments.  Because this evergreen tree is so gorgeous it would be ideal for an office or home.

SizeTree Light CountTree WidthTree Tip CountPrice
12′3050 Clear87”81802199.95
9′1600 Clear65”38841099.95
9′1600 Multi65”38841099.95
9′ Unlit65”3884549.95
7.5′1000 Clear53”2294699.95
7.5′1000 Multi53”2294699.95
7.5′ Unlit53”2294359.95
6.5′650 Clear49”1624499.95
6.5′650 Multi49”1624499.95
6.5′ Unlit49”1624259.95

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6.5′, 7.5′, 9′, 12′ with Clear, Multi colored Lights or Unlit

Unless unlit this tree includes “Always lit” Lighting. High end “Always lit” Christmas lights are engineered to stay lit even if one or more bulbs are loose, twisted, or broken. Standard light sets will remain lit if a bulb burns out. But, if a bulb becomes loose, twisted or broken, all the bulbs within its circuit will go out. “Always lit” lighting uses technology to regulate voltage by inserting a computer chip in every socket. This chip regulates the flow of electricity to each bulb and completes the circuit even when bulbs are loose, twisted, or broken. These Lights can have up to 8 missing bulbs and not add any voltage to the other lights.

  • •This Tree features fire retardant PVC  branches.
  • •Industry BEST one piece hinged branch construction
  • •Branches are strong enough to hold even the largest ornaments
  • •Almost hidden decorator wrapped light cords (unless unlit)
  • •Spare Bulbs and Fuses (unless unlit)
  • •Sturdy Metal Folding Tree Stand
  • •5ft cord length (unless unlit)
  • •Some assembly required
  • •Comes in multiple sections for easy setup
  • •Packed in reusable cardboard carton
  • •UL Listed Light sets (unless unlit)
  • •Indoor use only
  • •Features an on/off foot switch (unless unlit)
  • Warranty 
  • 10 Season Tree Construction, 3 season on Light Construction
  • Light bulbs are not warrantied

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