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Department 56 Dickens Village Hampshire Sweeps

Retired 2017

Size: 4.33 x 4.33 x 7.67 Inches

Introduced 2014


With the age of industrialization, the number os coal burning chimneys vastly increased and so did the need for chimney sweeps. For a time after transition to coal, small boys were sent up chimneys to scrape and brush flues. During Dickens’ time this practice was vastly limited by law and eventually outlawed altogether. Mechanical means of cleaning chimneys would have been used by Hampshire Sweeps and if our man happened to be seen passing by a wedding, it was said that the happy couple would have a blessed and lucky marriage. Joseph Glass was credited in revolutionizing the Chimney Sweep business during Dickens time. It was not uncommon for children, small boys were used to climb up and down the inside of chimneys to clean them. Parliament passed laws so that children were no longer used. Joseph Glass’s inventions replaced the kids, allowing chimney sweeps to clean from the fireplace below or the chimney opening on the roof.

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